Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The Team says hi!

Here at Open Review we strive to give as many people access to as much useful information as possible. If you feel like we are not living up to our standards or doing something wrong, please let us know. We will try to respond to take down queries as promptly as possible.

Content Responsibility

We do not take responsibility for content of any nature that is posted by users. If rights or dignity of third parties are violated we reserve the right to take action by removing said content and possible cancellation of the violator's account.

User Accounts and Content

We reserve the right to cancel any user's account at any time and without notice. Similarly their posted comments can be deleted at any time, whether due to technical mistakes or inappropriate content.

Open Access Philosophy

We are mostly working with open access material to further spread the benefits and joys of Open Access. In the case of content that requires a subscription to the respective journal we will restrict access to members that prove to have access to the respective material by their own rights.

Privacy Policy

We reserve the right of using anonymous user browsing statistics to further develop our online tools such as paper suggestions. Content can be chosen to be posted anonymously so that the creator's name will be hidden to the rest of the community. Email addresses or other personal data except name entered upon registration will not be shared with any third party.

Change of Policy and Shut Down

Since we are only starting out, our policies are still subject to change and can be updated at any time. If our privacy policy significantly changes we will notify users upon login. We also reserve the right to shut down our service at any time if the circumstances require it. In case this happens we will do our best to keep your comments alive in some other form.

Use of Content/API

As of now code as well as content from our webpage cannot be used by you unless in the way intended by our API. At this point it consists of embedding a simple badge into other webpages. Design or appearance changes of the badge are only allowed under specific permission. We also reserve the right to limit the amount of data requests per IP address. We are a small website, so please play nice!