Frequently Asked Questions

What is Open Review

Open Review is a platform to discuss papers interactively and open to everyone. Never again wondering about an obscure formula or strangely formulated passage!

Is this platform legal?

Yes! We are sharing solely Open Access material that is available at sources like arxiv.org and Harvard DASH.

How do I become author of my own paper?

After uploading a paper use the the "Claim Paper" button. We require you to provide us some information, such that we can verify that you are the author. Verification typically happens within a few hours.

Do you support formulas?

Latex formula typesetting is supported via the Mathjax plugin . You can use $$ to type in formulas. For example

$E = mc^2$

renders inline as $E = mc^2$. And

$$E = mc^2$$

$$E = mc^2$$ on an extra line.

How can I format comments?

We fully support Markdown for formatting of comments, which is explained in more detailed here. The very basics are:

[link name](link URL)
*unordered list item1
*unordered list item 2
*unordered list item 3
1. numbered list item 1
2. numbered list item 2
3. numbered list item 2